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Wood Cockroach

Wood Cockroach photo by tom murray,
Photo by tom murray

Common Name: Cockroach – Woods roach
Latin Name: Eurycotis floridana
Common Family Name: Blattid cockroaches
Latin Family Name: Blattidae

Other Names: Florida woods cockroach, stinking cockroach

Origin: Native to southern Florida and the West Indies.

Biology: This outdoor cockroach is found under debris and vegetation piles around structures. Suitable harborage sites would be lumber or firewood piles, leaf litter, thick mulch, or within tree holes. It is able to reproduce parthenogenetically, meaning without males in the population. When disturbed the roach will exude a foul-smelling, oily liquid.

Identification: Adults are very large, reaching almost 2 inches in length. The color is dark brown to black, and the wings are reduced to short stubs at the front of the abdomen.

Characteristics Important in Control: Removal of potential harborage sites around structures by cleaning up debris will reduce populations. Exterior applications of a residual insecticide can prevent entry to structures, along with applications of granular bait insecticides.