Central Exterminating Serves Businesses In Ohio In The Following Industries:


Schools, Colleges, Universities, Student Housing and Day Care Facilities

Central Exterminating Company recognizes that reducing pesticide exposure in sensitive settings involving children demonstrates a service philosophy that is proactive and ethically responsible.

Modified Pesticide Option (MPO)

Central Exterminating Company has been an industry leader in promoting a Modified Pesticide Option (MPO) in sensitive service situations. MPO reduces the need for traditional pesticide applications. Structures housing children and staff are serviced utilizing insect monitoring, trapping, insect baiting, and Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) where applicable. With these methods, the migration of insects and the elimination of their occasional infestations are effectively controlled.

Central Exterminating Company technical staff will work closely with the facility maintenance and food service personnel to identify pest concerns. Your Central Exterminating Company technician will complete a service form that will document pests observed, sanitation issues needing to be addressed, and structural issues that may need repairs. Prohibiting pest re-entry is always a priority. MPO also means a cooperative effort between you and us.

Student Housing

Bed Bug Heat Remediation Services

Bed bugs continue to be a major infestation issue in multi-housing environments, such as student housing and campus residence halls. Central Exterminating Company utilizes the TempAir Heat System in servicing infested units. Learn more about our bed bug services!


Industrial clients involved in the production of food products or packaging are under strict operating guidelines and routine inspections. Facilities of this type are usually under the direct supervision of a state, federal, or USDA inspector who will require a well-documented pest management program. Central Exterminating Company can provide a detailed service logbook that will complement American Institute of Baking (AIB) guidelines. This program includes the specific placement of anchored tamper-resistant exterior bait stations, interior mechanical traps, and monitoring devices.


Industrial clients, whether large or small, generally operate facilities that are susceptible to indoor rodent migration. Due to the proximity of open space, rail lines, or structural settings, rodent infestations can quickly develop. Monitoring and controlling rodents with mechanical traps or baited stations is a must. Central Exterminating Company can provide a cost-effective pest management program that will address rodent issues as well as ground-invading insects.


Central Exterminating Company recognizes the unique needs of patients and long-term residents. Our service technicians discretely perform their vital inspections and select treatments to avoid unnecessary attention.

Modified Pesticide Option (MPO)

Service program utilizing monitoring, trapping, and applications of specialized insect baits and Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) products to maintain a pest-free environment. Traditional pesticide applications are reserved for special pest situations not promptly responding to normal control methods. Pesticide selection always involves low or non-odor formulations. Special application times are considered before applications are performed.


Multi-tenant housing properties present unique service demands due to the structural designs utilized combined with the personal influence of individual lifestyles of the tenants. Central Exterminating Company has service programs to accommodate these needs in all-size complexes.

Central Exterminating Company has developed comprehensive service programs for:

  • Apartment Management Companies
  • Condominium Complexes/Associations
  • Government and Municipal Housing

Monthly Service Plan

Central Exterminating Company will perform one regular inspection and treatment service call per month. Service includes attention to laundry areas, storage, hallways, and common areas. Individual units are inspected and treated upon request at the time of service. A specified number of units will be included on your service contract without additional billing.

Bi-Monthly Service Plan

Central Exterminating Company will perform two regular service calls per month to your facility. In addition to the Monthly service plan features, your technician will provide an inspection to a specified number of units per call to successfully visit all your units within 6 months.

Weekly Service Plan

Central Exterminating Company will provide weekly inspection and treatment services to your facility. In addition to the Monthly service plan features, your technician will provide an inspection to a specified number of units per week to successfully visit all of your units within each 90 day period.

Bed Bug Heat Remediation Services

Bed bugs continue to be a major infestation issue in multi-housing environments. Central Exterminating Company utilizes the TempAir Heat System in servicing infested units. Bed bug treatment is not an included service. However, discounts on heat treatments are available based on the service program selected. Learn more about our bed bug services!

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Central Exterminating Company has been a pioneer of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as a service philosophy and practice for the sensitive settings of schools and universities for over 20 years. We recognized years ago that reducing the reliance on regular pesticide spraying within this environment was best for everyone involved. The foundation of IPM relies on controlling a pest’s ability to enter the structure initially.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA), developed an IPM Standard in September of 2009 to ensure that this type of service program achieved satisfactory performance results by setting and reporting specific goals on the part of the client and pest control provider.

The Central Exterminating Company IPM Service Program involves:

  • The initial inspection process to identify:
    • Pest trends in the structure.
    • The pest threshold/tolerance level is acceptable in the structure.
    • Structural weaknesses in the facility allow pest entry.
  • The recommended corrective action is taken, which involves maintaining the structure to exclude pest entry through methods such as:
    • Insect monitoring traps
    • Insect control baits and growth regulators
    • Dust formulations for void-type applications
  • Providing limited traditional pesticide applications only as needed.
  • Follow-up inspections to verify the success of structural modifications.
  • Re-evaluate pest trends to determine that pest control results have been successfully achieved.

The interior spraying of a traditional insecticide is reserved for special situations that fail to respond, in any reasonable amount of time, to bait or dust applications, or fails to control an infestation quickly to prevent disruption of the facility’s daily operations.

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A Central Exterminating Company Service Log Book is also available that contains:

  • Sanitation Report Form
  • Pesticide Labels and SDS Sheets
  • General and Fleet Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Technician, Manager Ohio, and Applicator Licenses

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